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How To Get More Views On YouTube 2020

How To Get More Views On YouTube 2020

There are a lot of freeways to get more views on YouTube in 2020

Unless your content is excellent, it won’t matter how many ads or hacks you use to get more views on your YouTube videos. So the first thing to do is to create compelling content.

  1. Create Compelling Content

    One of the easiest ways to do so is to create videos answering “how-to”. For this, too, you need to know what your ideal customers want to know the most and then make videos that meet their needs.

    A famous YouTuber named Graham Cochrane got 34 million views on his YouTube videos by focusing on “how-to” content. He asks people to suggest to him his next video ideas in the comment section of his social channels. If not this, he simply asks them what they would like to see in his next video.

    How To Get More Views On YouTube

    This way, your customers think that you read their minds. You create for them the content and videos that solve their problems and meet their needs. It develops a loyal fan community for you and helps you get more views on your YouTube videos.

  2. Encourage Subscription

    The second most accessible way to get more views on your YouTube videos is to ask and encourage your customers or viewers to subscribe to your channel. This increases the number of views on each new video that you release. Don’t just stop here; prompt your viewers to turn on the notification bell after subscribing. Ask them to do this at the beginning and the end of your videos so that they are notified each time you upload a new video.

    Increasing your subscribers means raising your viewers, and this, in turn, helps you get more free views on your YouTube video.

    Get More Views On YouTube

  3. Create Playlists

    Creating playlists to keep people watching, one after the other, is yet another way. The most simple way to create a YouTube playlist is to choose the video you would like to add and click ‘+’ underneath the video. Statistics show that YouTube’s top-performing brands build double as many playlists as the bottom 25% of the brands. When videos are just playing, it takes a lot of effort to pull your attention away from them. The question of “Do you want to watch another video?” has totally disappeared; this raises the new question, “Do you want to stop watching, yet?” if not enjoy it! In this manner, playlists work so well.

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  4. Add A Watermark

    The amazing concept of watermarks promoting your channel across all your videos enables you to get more subscribers and free YouTube views.

    Watermark is an image that you can set to appear on your YouTube videos. Brands use their logo as a watermark. When a viewer drifts their mouse over a watermark, it prompts them to subscribe. To be able to upload a watermark, your YouTube account should be verified.

  5. Enable Embedding

    One of the important points to know is that the videos you have spent ages creating are embedding enabled. This means that your viewers can share your videos on their websites and blogs. This can be a great opportunity for your brand to reach new audiences and increase views on YouTube. If your video has embedding enabled, it allows viewers to click the share icon underneath the video, and by doing this, they will be able to share the video’s embedding code and post it onto their website or blog.

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  6. Promote Through Other Social Channels

    Another way to increase your views on YouTube videos is to share them with your other social media. If you have followers on the other social channels (like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), you can tell them every time you upload a new video. A short video is an excellent way to start. You can also share your email to let your subscribers know about the release of a new video. YouTube is not the only social platform, so you know you can cross-promote your videos through other marketing channels.

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  7. Importance Of Watch Time

    YouTube rewards quality if your videos are better and more people spend time watching them, then YouTube will favor your videos and channels and can also suggest them on the homepage, as suggested videos, in search results, etc. It is based on “Watch Time.” What time is the total time that people spend watching the videos.

    Every video that is uploaded to YouTube is ranked by its “Watch Time.” Channel can also earn watch time credits; this is done for referring your viewers to other videos. So, basically, it is affiliate marketing.

  8. Nurture A Community

    It isn’t enough to share videos regularly because YouTube isn’t just a video search engine. Like any other platform, it is also a social network. In order to get more views on YouTube, you need to use it like other social networks, you need to engage your audience actively. The best way is to respond to all your YouTube comments. If the viewer knows that you respond to other viewers’ comments, they will be more likely to comment themselves. A tip is that you, too, should actively subscribe to other channels and comment on their videos. If you generously engage with your viewers, it will be much easier for you to establish your brand.

    Also, promoting other videos will fetch you “watch time credits.” Yet another way is to involve your view was directly holder contest or a lucky prize draw. Ask your viewers to share your video on Facebook or comment on your latest video in order to be entered into the draw and win one of your products. You grow a loyal and active community, and this way, you can get more views on your videos and quickly get more YouTube subscribers.

  9. Optimize Titles

    YouTube is a search engine, and this means that search engine optimization SEO matters. YouTube’s algorithm takes many things into account when selecting videos for the search result. Make sure that you include all the important keywords that you want your video and channel to rank for. Also, beware because YouTube will penalize you if you include keywords that aren’t relevant to your video. Keep your title between 60 -70 characters long. Make sure that there is a balance between informative, accurate, and attention-grabbing when you choose a title.

  10. Optimize Your Channel

    Optimize your YouTube channel! On your channel’s “About” tab, you only get 1000 characters, make each one count! It should include a good description of your brand and the benefits of your products. Tell the viewers why your YouTube videos are worth watching, are you teaching them something or is it about entertainment? Just tell your viewers how your channel is different from the others. Just like your video title, make sure that you include every important keyword in your channel’s description.

  11. Transcribe Your Videos

    Create a transcription document for your videos. Due to language constraints or disability, your audience will need a transcription sometimes; YouTube allows the addition of subtitles. Your viewers can, at will, toggle these subtitles on and off. If you are planning to open your reduced to an international market, then transcriptions can be a great idea. This will allow your viewers with language constraints to understand your videos better, thus, giving you more views.

  12. Create Compelling Thumbnail Images

    Thumbnail images are a video preview image. An effective and innovative thumbnail image can make your videos stand out. For this, you can use bright colored backgrounds, zoomed faces, text overlays, and include a logo or watermark; these are some of the best ways to catch people’s attention while browsing YouTube.

  13. Invite Guest Bloggers

    Another method is to invite guest bloggers. Create videos with these influencers and build a close relationship with them. This will mean that they will share your videos with their followers, and you can share theirs with yours. It will mutually benefit both of you. Along with getting more views on your videos, it will also add variety to it. It also helps you learn from each other and open doors to creative videography.

  14. Build A Community

    You can build an influencer community that shares community content and works together to help everyone who is involved. It can be a great way to get more views on your YouTube channel. Working with influencers similar to yourself to share creativity, knowledge, and information can help build a community where you look after each other and help people who are struggling. Make a show that it is not a one-sided relationship. There are compelling reasons to maintain a reciprocal one. This way, you will all grow.

  15. Know What’s Popular

    Keep up to date with things that are happening around you. Know what is popular, what is sinking, and what’s viral. Being the first to share what is happening around you will identify you as the leader in your field. Having a deeper understanding of current and popular trends will make your videos interesting and worth the research. This way, more people will want to watch your content, and you will get more views on your videos. Therefore always know what is viral!

Go ahead now focus on creating great content that your audience will love. Do your best to optimize your title, content and channel, and promote through other social channels. Get involved in your community and build relationships with your viewers!

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