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How Many Views Do You Need To Get Paid On YouTube?

How Many Views Do You Need To Get Paid On YouTube?

‘How to earn on YouTube’! Well, this is one of the most commonly asked questions of all time, and still, people haven’t found the right answer to it.

There are a lot of myths related to YouTube earning, and different articles have said a lot, but today we will learn the real concept behind YouTube earning.

In this article, we will know how YouTubers earn money on their channel and how YouTube ask advertisers to pay for the ads placed on any video.

YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms for ages, and with time it has become the major source for online marketing. Now, YouTube channel owners can earn an adequate amount of dollars with a great concept and excessive user engagement rate.

Current User Statistic Of YouTube For Better Understanding

How many active users on YouTube?

From the latest update in 2019, YouTube seems to have seen major growth in user engagement as in 2018, it was recorded to have 1.8 billion active users, and now it has reached over 2 billion. And the count of active users seems to grow every year with amazing hype.

Who is the major audience of YouTube?

Approximately 83% of internet users use YouTube in America, and this is a frightening statistic. Among the total internet users, 62% are male users; also, the content requirement is different for both men and women. The statistics also declare that the significant audience is adults, and in the United States, the adult ratio on YouTube is around 73%. Among them, the primary audience is between 18 to 25 years.

How much can people earn from YouTube?

There are a number of channels that are earning more than $10 million US dollars per year, and in the near future, this seems to increase by 40%. Recent research found that YouTube channel ‘Ryan’s World’ is the highest-paid channel that took $26 million, ‘Dude Perfect’ had earnings over $20 million, unlike them are a lot of YouTubers who have been earning more than $10 million.

Clearly, there are higher chances for creative people to flabbergasting to increase their earning on YouTube with the right strategies.

What is YouTube’s Revenue in the United States through Advertisements?

There’s a drastic change in YouTube’s advertising revenue, from the year 2016 to 2020, a lot has been changed, and the results are astounding. In the year 2016, the average revenue was around $2.92 billion, and with a subsequent increment, it has now reached approximately $5.47 billion.

So if you still haven’t made your own YouTube channel, then don’t worry, you are still welcome in the race and pace up with your creativity and marketing skills.

How Many Views Are Needed To Earn From YouTube Videos?

Are you planning to make your YouTube channel and look out for ways to earn money, and then you are the right place? This article is all about YouTube functioning and advertisement marketing strategies, and we will know how one can make a handsome amount of money on YouTube channel.

Surely your curiosity levels are at peak right now, and you are wondering what you need to do to make your account famous and gain massive subscribers to earn money from the YouTube videos. Well, it all depends on the advertiser and the ad budget, and accordingly, per view, YouTube charges the advertiser.

On an average $0.18 per view, the advertiser is charged, and it all depends on a few factors such as video length, ad quality, number of views and clicks on ads, and much more. So better the ad, better will be the engagement and ultimately more chances to earn money.

How Ads Help To Earn Money, And How Views Are Important?

There are numerous myths related to YouTube earning, but today everyone’s smart enough to believe these fable assumptions. So if you want to know how to get paid on YouTube, then you must be looking for a query that says how much engagement is important that helps one to earn money.

So next time if you see someone saying that more views will give you more money then surely move over to find some other productive ways to earn money instead of believing such fable news. Therefore making money on YouTube is no more related to the count of views you have; rather, it all depends on the ad engagement.

What Engagement In Ads Means?

Ad engagement means that users are either watching or clicking on the ad for 30 seconds or more. YouTube and Adwords both look after the whole marketing and advertising strategies, and depending on the ad click-through rate; the advertiser will be charged.

So clicking and viewing the ad will decide the cost paid from the advertisement to the creator.

Types of Advertisements:

There are two types of advertisements; CPC and CPV. Cost Per Click (CPC) is a type of text-based ad that pop-ups at the lower end of the screen or the right side of the channel. So suppose for any keyword query that has CPC of $4, any user clicks on the ad, then the advertiser will be asked to pay $4 for that click. So more clicks mean more money.

Another ad type is Cost per View (CPV) is a type of ad where the advertiser pays for per view on the ad. For any ad that has more than 30 seconds watch time, and interacts with the video through any call to action move, card, banner interaction, or click on the link. In such a case, the advertiser fixes a bid for say $0.30, and if they interact with the video for more than 30 seconds or watch it half of its time, then per view $0.30 will be charged.

Hopefully, it is clear now that the number of views on the videos is not the consideration when you want to earn money; it all depends on the views and clicks on the ad. Therefore try your best to get more and more subscribers at your channel, make creative content to engage an extensive audience, and eventually, increase the traffic who watches your video and helps you earn money.

How YouTubers Get Paid And How They Know They Are Valid To Earn Money Through Ad Campaigns?

YouTube’s partner program helps you get paid through videos, lets know what are the eligibility criteria to enroll in the partner program? Follow the checklist listed below to know more whether you are eligible or not to join the partner program.

  1. To get the monetized YouTube channel, you need to follow YouTube’s monetization policies, and once you are approved, you are ready to earn money at your channel.
  2. YouTube is available in 91 countries; for a valid partnership, you need to be in the selective list of country or region so that the partner program is available to you.
  3. Your account will only be monetized if you have more than 4000 (four thousand) watch hours in the last year.
  4. 1000 subscribers or more is the essential requirement.
  5. AdSense accounts must be linked in order to show ads on your videos.

Once you follow and pass the mandatory requirements, your channel will be monetized, and you are good to go.

You can now earn money from your YouTube videos through ad campaigns. But always remember quality content is the key to get 1000s of subscribers easy, and fast and these subscribers will help you in your journey.

Nothing is free, so posting quality and creative content on your channel for free, will help you get millions of subscribers, and these million users will halfway lend a hand of help.

How Subscribers Facilitate The Journey Of YouTube Earning?

Subscribers are the users, who follow your channel, watch your videos, and to these users, the ads are shown, and according to their CTA (call to action) on the ads, the earning will be decided. Subscribers are the true supporters who not only follow you but also wish to see every video you post.

Therefore subscribers are really important, and you always need to try your best to increase the subscribers count at your channel with full efforts to create an interesting and engaging video.

Few ways to organically increase subscribers at your channel:

To get more subscribers, you need to follow a list of necessary steps, and if you follow them subsequently, you will notice a major increment of subscribers within no time.

  1. Create a niche-based YouTube channel that is thought-provoking and fascinating. Some of the popular niches are Vlogging, gaming, cooking sessions, health tips, and fitness videos, travel vlogs and expertise videos, technology, and review based videos get too much attention.
  2. Make a video that has some arousing and attention-grabbing concept as this attracts users and encourages them to follow you and increase your chances to earn surplus money.
  3. Thumbnails are very important because it’s the first thing the user sees before even watching your video, so take time and design an electrifying thumbnail.
  4. Leave obscurity at the end of the video, which builds up interest and higher chances that the user will come back to watch your next video.
  5. Cards are the best feature to involve the user in your video series, so use them wisely.

What if all these don’t work?

Well, you still have an alternative option for everything that you do!

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We also provide full-time customer service, so you don’t have to worry about whether we are genuine.

Hopefully, the article is useful for you, and your intent to know how to earn money from YouTube videos is cleared from the information stated in this article.

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